Welcome to the Cabaret…with Bourgeois and Maurice

I am somewhere in East London, although not entirely sure where. Slightly lost, but not in panic-mode just yet. I have plenty of time. I am heading to Bistrotheque, a very cool East London establishment where you can drink, eat and watch a fantastic show. It’s not my first time in here, nor my first time seeing Bourgeois and Maurice, however I couldn’t resist going to see them again as the previous times I have very nearly wet myself from the giggles. And this time I have decided to spread the word.

We sit down with drinks in our hands. I know what to expect, yet I am still excited to see what the cabaret duo have in store for us this Friday evening. The lights go down and it’s show time. Maurice Maurice walks to her piano, takes a seat and we are whisked off into the wonderfully weird world of George Bourgeois and Maurice Maurice.

Bourgeois and MauriceFor the following two hours I am visually treated to what can only be described as fashion on speed. Maurice has the biggest hair in the business (I swear I can even see a tiny little boat nestled in there). She is wearing a suit with sharp shoulder pads and I am seriously worried that she might decapitate someone while she walks around the audience. Maurice and her piano guide us through the evening – she is a singing-piano playing-magical wonder child. While Maurice spends most of the show seated, her brother George Bourgeouis is all over the place within 10 minutes of the show starting. He fills the room with his presence, which is difficult when one is as narrow as he is. His voice is like velvety razor blade that gives me shivers in a very good way. He wears a collection of outfits spanning from a pink whole body cat suit to a muppet hair “coat”. He is energetic, sharp and witty and even managed to control some rowdy Essex crowd in the back of the audience.

We were introduced to songs as “Ritalin”, which encourages us to suppress our feelings with drugs; C.H.A.O.S; As Far As I Can See (requires audience participation) and Dull People (that warns us off dull people that will take our lives away if we are not careful). There is a picnic on stage for “Satanic Organic” with bleach for all of us to drink and enough petrol to flatten out East London all together. “Out Fit You” is a tribute to all fashion queens out there and “What Would You Do” goes into detail of the little things people do to get laid. Lovely. We hear about “Lizard Me” and “Little Pins”. It truly is a wonderful world that this duo live in, and we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to peek in.

I leave the venue smiling (feeling only slightly suicidal) and wonder when I can next go and stalk these two. I have officially now become a groupie, at 31 years old. Not as bad as being a Twilight Mom, but still. I won’t say much more, but I will say this…If you want to be truly entertained, book your tickets to go in see the pair ASAP.

Their next show is called “Bourgeois and Maurice Cant Dance”, their third full length show, and I am truly and utterly excited. The entire nation is gearing up for Christmas and Bourgeois and Maurice are taking over Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadlers Wells. The show runs from December 7th to the 23rd and if you want to get into the holiday spirit, this is the way forward.  (This is now old info. See the website for latest details)

More info can be found at here. There are literally no acceptable reasons why you can’t go and enjoy a night of amazing cabaret with Bourgeois and Maurice. Highly recommended.

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