Champagne before Chanel…

OK, so any regular readers of This Little Lady will know that I love nothing more than fashion, sparkly things and bargains. So I couldn’t feel much luckier than I do today….Oooh I’m all excited on a Monday morning!

I like it when I find little nuggets of information that I know I’m going to find useful on an almost daily basis. Now, I wouldn’t for one minute want you to think that I’m a raging alcoholic or that I sit around sipping on bubbly stuff like its water, but I know I will be getting a fair amount of use out of my latest find.

Leroux-Mineau Grand Cru ChampagneYou see, a lovely young chap (or I like to assume he is, I’ve never met him) called Tom Ellis, has decided to pay his way through University in a slightly more interesting way than a Saturday job at McDonalds. Oh Yes. Instead of your usual part time job with unsociable hours, which pays a pittance and provides little to no pleasure, 19 year old Tom has negotiated exclusive UK import rights for Leroux-Mineau Champagne.

Tom has managed to keep the price of the lovely bubbly stuff low – and you can currently buy a bottle of Grand Cru for just £29 or a case of 6 for £120 including delivery!

This is great news for someone like me who classes Champers as their drink of choice for celebrations, commiserations, gifts, girls nights in, girls nights out, before-parties, after-parties and laying-in-the-bath-with-lots-of-bubbles-parties! All I can say is that Tom must be a very popular boy with his Uni friends and why not…Yay for Tom!


In fact, if I happened to be free on Thursday & not preparing myself for hospital (AGAIN) on Friday, I would be quaffing a glass or two of Toms finest whilst dressing up in my little black Chanel dress and pearls, a la Coco, for the Queens of Vintage flash mob at St Pancras International at 6pm. The event is designed to pay homage to the queen of fashion design herself, and to celebrate the launch of the much awaited film, Coco avant Chanel.

Fashion lovers and vintage queens will gather in their finest attire to wave at the Eurostar and share their enthusiasm for the legendary Parisian label. The first 20 people to join the get together will receive a gift from Chanel. The meeting point is the statue of the lovers kissing on the second floor of the station.

“A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous”

Coco Chanel

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