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Being poorly sick sucks. I have no energy to do anything exciting so having time off work is no fun at all. Can’t even meet friends for lunch as I know I’ll end up half dead with tiredness and they’ll probably end up holding my hair. YUK. I’ve missed important meetings and I am going to miss out on some fun events. Hmph.

However, it does have 2 clear benefits from what I can see.

  1. The extra pounds I’ve been carting around with me all 2010 are dropping off.
  2. I finally have time to peruse the net and find some new treasures!

My newly formed skinny (ish) self fell in love with a brand sparkling new website I came  across today, “That Charity Style“.

It’s a year long project by freelance Journo Debbie Attwood, and she has to abide by one self-imposed rule…no buying new for 365 days! That’s right. No TopShop. No ASOS. Not even a sneaky birthday trip to Selfridges for Debbie. Oh no.

Every single garment (apart from knickers!) that she buys for the next year must be purchased from a charity shop or directly raise money for a good cause. Debbie is documenting her finds on her photo-blog, and would hugely appreciate tip-offs from you guys if you come across any hidden gems in the charity shop world.

Go check it out and lend the site your support. It’s a fabulous idea.

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  • It’s not a charity shop, but there’s a collective producing ethically-made knickers. It was set up to empower marginalised women by providing flexible employment, education and a social and community space.

    Also, they are v cute.

    Check them out at

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