So, apparently next week (12-18th October) is both National Chocolate Week, and National Curry Week.

Over on our facebook page, we asked what your favourite of the two was, and I was planning to write a big feature on the best offers, discounts and special menus celebrating the winning choice. But, the lovely Louise asked if there was one combining the two – so off I went to investigate.

The answer is an absolutely massive YES. There are loads of curries that feature chocolate in the recipe (this chocolate chicken curry recipe from Monica Hyde gets good feedback), and even chocolate curry cupcakes. Yes, it’s really a thing.

BUT. If you’re not sure if you’re going to LIKE a chocolate and curry recipe, and therefore really can’t be arsed to go to all the trouble making it – but are still a teeny bit curious about the flavour combination – you need this.

Curry Chips Chocolate Bar

Not On The High Street are actually selling a Curry and Chips Milk Chocolate Bar. Yup. Someone thought there was enough of a market for this, and have mass produced one of the oddest chocolate bars of all time.

And of course, I’ve ordered one, because I’m weird and this now needs to be tested!

What are your thoughts on chocolate and curry? Is combining two of the country’s favourite things a great idea, or a terrible one?

Answers on a postcard please. Or just in the comments. Probably easier 😉

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