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How did it get to middle of November? Crikey. The past week I have been on the verge of self mutilation, suffering from post holiday blues having just returned from sunny South Africa. Landing back at LHR nearly killed me. However, after realizing that it is almost Christmas party season, I peeled myself off the floor, rubbed my eyes and had another coffee. It was time to start sourcing the perfect outfit for the party season. I am perfectly aware that most of you will obviously attend more than one party. I guess I should offer ideas on how to “get this dress” and wear it different ways to more than one event. Hmmm. That’s not what I like to do tho. I think you should have a new dress and new shoes for every single party. However, I am willing to do come and meet you people half way, so this one is my pick from the high street. Something budget-like.

The thing about Christmas parties is that most women go all out. Too far out. I know you might have to wear boring stuff every day to work and then think that the Christmas party is when you can let your hair down. To some extent this is true. You should enjoy yourself, but there is no reason to dress like a slag and end up snogging the married father of four. This year, why don’t you dress amazing, but not slag-like? The golden rule applies, if legs are out, keep the puppies covered and vice versa. It’s all about prepping, but I won’t go into that now. This piece is about what you can find on the high street. If you need help on prep work, please get in touch.


Cape Dress by Gant £175

Something little different, don’t you think? Green is the way forward this party season. Why settle for black? Anyone can look (well almost anyone) amazing in a black dress with the right under garments, accessories and a few inches of makeup. However, green (especially this green) will put you on the map as the “Belle of the Ball”. It’s not badly priced, plus you can easily wear this again next summer for a weddings, as long as you don’t over eat between now & then. Also, the great thing about this dress is that you can leave the accessories to a minimum. You don’t need a necklace or anything around your wrists. A gorgeous shiny ring, fabulous little bag and a smile. Ready to go.

“Sakura” suede shoes by Topshop £62

I have a real issue with “cheap” shoes. However, when they are as fabulous as these ones, even I have to get on with it. Most women tend to wear ridiculous shoes with sparkles and sequins and gold fish on them for parties. My problem with that is that, how much you are going to wear them after the season is done? Why spend money on something you can only wear once? Unless you are buying something special from Louboutin, of course (that should go without saying). The beauty with these shoes, they are suede which immediately look expensive and they are high, bonus. So put down the shiny shoes and pick up something much better. Plus come January, you can team these babies up with anything in your wardrobe. (Well, almost anything). Bingo.

Lacquer Clutch by Urban Outfitters £48

Ooooh, shiny. Now, some of you more traditional thinkers out there would team suede shoes with a suede bag. Not me! Mixing textures keeps it all interesting. With this clutch, I do require shiny polished nails in black. Varnish like vinyl and sharp like claws, just in case there is a cat-fight over the office hottie (and every girl needs nails to scratch an itch if needed). For  this outfit, I need you to carry it without the shoulder strap. Clutch only please. Many Thanks. If you must buy a new bag, make it a shiny one.

Wood Blend Funnel Neck Coat by GAP £99,50

I see SO MANY women shivering in the evening around this time of the year and there really is no reason for this nonsense. Why is it that so many of you leave the house in your party dress, heels and a pashmina? First of all Pashminas are SO OVER, secondly you need to just buy a good coat. Like this one from GAP. Love it. Funnel and all. Chose a black one, so most of you can wear it, plus then you also have a fabulous coat for the rest of the winter. It really is win-win situation. Go buy it right now. Thanks!

Ring by Lola Rose £84.95

OK then – here’s a little bit of bling to add to the evening, since I have forbidden you people to have bling on your shoes. Bling on your fingers not toes. This you can have.

That should get you through the first party quite easily. For the next one, you are on your own. Unless of course you ask nicely, in which case I am always here. (Plus my services can of course be bought. I’m worth it)

Just remember to keep your head up, your knees together and don’t drink too much. If you go by these simple rules, you can have a fabulous party season, truly.

Happy partying!


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