Christmas Party Outfit Part 2 – Designer

Now, this is where it gets interesting. As well as my High Street outfit (that I know you have all rushed out to buy, right?), I decided also to create a Christmas party outfit with no budget. This is my vision for the perfect way to enjoy a work Christmas Party.

No limits, no rules. Just what I would wear if were a girl. I am also thinking I would be a little minx. Clearly, judging by the following outfit. Imagine, being able to spend whatever you wanted for an outfit for one party. I would pull out all the stops.

It’s tricky being this fabulous, but here goes.

Nicholas Kirkwood shoeboots £710

Must say, I am really enjoying following Nicholas and seeing him develop as a shoe designer. As we all know I am truly hooked on Louboutins, BUT Kirkwood is not far behind. These are just fabulous. Super high and lace up, it’s ALL happening here. I could totally see these being rocked on the dance floor. Gorgeous. I am in Christmas season shoe heaven. These are like the fierce step-sister to the beautiful princess, who is boring and dull and just meh. The fabulous step sister is full of life, spunk and oomph! She is not taking no for an answer and will walk over anyone to get what she wants. I love her. I may want to marry her, even if she has the wrong bits.

Suede buckled V-Neck dress by Balmain £5,875

Hawt. Can you imagine what it would feel like wearing 6K’s worth of suede? It would feel #amazeballs. Can I have it? Just to wear around the house. It does go against all my rules…it will be tits and legs on show. However, since it is Balmain and fabulous, it is allowed this once. Now, you won’t get much wear out of it, but that’s not the point. The point is to look fabulous for a few moments, and make sure everyone remembers it forever. Done. Don’t even think about wearing a jacket to cover this bad boy up. You order a cab to pick you up and then take you home. There will be no walking allowed.

Patent Crocodile Clutch by Nancy Gonzales £1,085

I am feeling the crock. Loves it. There is something very decadent about dead animals. I am pro fur too. Bite me. Enough said. Now, how many crocs does one need to kill to make a clutch this stunning? Are crocs endangered species? Do people hate you for wearing croc as much as they might hate you for wearing mink? I am puzzled. My mother got bitten by a mink when she was a child. She calls them evil and says they should be worn as coats. What she neglected to tell me was that the mink in question was in a cage and she stuck her finger in. Clever.

Kimberly McDonald “Geode” earrings £5,835

Ooooh. Shiny. Kimberly McDonald is quickly becoming my new bling hero. I am mean seriously. These earrings and the ring below. OMG. I don’t wish for Mariah for Xmas. I want the darn ring. So I can sell it and buy shoes and a small boat. I always wanted a boat, or one of those canal cruisers. What do we call them? I would love to have a HOUSE BOAT. There we go. There is a canal behind our house and see these boats go past every so often. Looks like a nice way of life, until of course you need a shower or flushing toilet. Maybe me living on a boat is not such a good idea. Cancel everything I just said. Phew.

Kimberly McDonal “Geode” ring £4,500

Since I am now over the idea of buying a houseboat, I shall just keep the ring to myself and enjoy it.

Right, that should be enough. Total price almost at £20K. What’s not to love?


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