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Gin – That Helps You Look YOUNGER? Pour Me One This Minute!


If you’ve been anywhere near humans recently, you’ll have seen that Gin has made a rather remarkable comeback over the last few years. The renewed popularity of the spirit among younger drinkers has helped raise the industries worth to £1million in sales A DAY; there are more than double the amount of distilleries there were in 2010;  and it’s become the fashionable drink of choice to order in even the nicest of London bars.

But imagine just how fashionable it would be if there was a Gin that could make you look younger?

Well. That would be sorcery, wouldn’t it? Witchcraft?

Nope. It would be CollaGin, the fresh, newly launched Collagen infused Gin that has been taking the industry by storm. The brainchild of two Oxford-based friends, Camilla Brown* and Liz Beswick, who have somehow managed to strike gold by merging two killer industries, beauty and alcohol, with great success. The pair have caused such a stir that even Sarah Willingham (Dragon’s Den’s Food & Drink millionaire) has been on the phone, offering support.

The beautifully packaged Collgin, labelled “The Elixir of Youth” is 40% ABV, is currently available on pre-order for £34.99 and should start shipping at the end of March. Perfect for summer drinks in the garden with friends.

Or by yourself.

NO. Drink responsibly, readers…

Camilla and Liz have plans for other spirits too, apparently, so whatever you’re tipple… CHEERS to booze helping you stay young!




Follow @Colla_Gin on Twitter for updates 
* I happen to know the lovely Cam, so am #1 extremely proud and #2 looking forward to testing this out for you soon.



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