Coming to London: Diner et Blanc

A few months ago, I was terribly sad when a good friend of mine moved to Paris to for his job (mainly out of jealousy). I was even sadder (more jealous) when a short while after  his relocation some pictures appeared on his facebook page of what looked like one of the most unbelievable events I’d ever see. French Flashmob in A Class of Its Own, he had entitled the album, and the description read; “We met at various street corners with tables, chairs, champagne, fine food and wine, full table set and were given the location at 20.30 to descend on a square in Paris. Thousands of people fine dining in a Park in Paris. Incredible”

Now I was seething from my desk in London. Why on earth do things like that not happen here!? I had always maintained that London did everything the best, but perhaps I was wrong. Would I be forced to eat my words instead of a gourmet picnic…?

Luckily, the answer to that is NO! Because Diner et Blanc is coming to London for the first time!

The event started in Paris 20 years ago when François Pasquier had been travelling abroad for a few years. He wanted to throw a dinner party on his return, but too many people wanted to come along so he suggested they meet in a park, and wear white so that they could find each other. The rest is history and the event has grown so much in popularity that 15,000 people now show up to dine in the squares of Paris.

There are a few rules to the day. You are only told the secret location half an hour before it begins; Everyone must dress head to toe in white, and are expected to conduct themselves with the greatest decorum and elegance; You bring your own tables & chairs (white obviously), candles, flowers, champagne and a fabulous picnic and enjoy what the evening has to offer in the company of like minded people.

Looking at pictures of previous events, I am overly excited that they have decided to start one in my favourite city. Bring it on !!!

There is a catch however. You have to be registered to buy a ticket (to cover electricity and the like) and registration closes NEXT WEEK so hop to it people…

We’ll see you all there!

Tickets are £25

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    Phee Young
    September 14, 2012 at 12:34 pm

    I want to do this! It looks awesome!

  • Reply
    JJ Miller
    September 14, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    I know, right?! Helena and I have reserved our spots. Come!

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