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Cool Things: Success comes at the end of a long climb…

Last week, I had one of my moments.

My moments are quite amusing. They start with a small idea, and then tumble into some huge and usually fairly unrealistic plan…but they fill me with hope and joy temporarily so hey, I like them, even if other people do find my 10 minutes of wild excitement and googling of stuff mildly ridiculous.

Now, this particular moment I’m referring to was more energetic than most. To motivate myself to feel better, I decided to research and make a plan to restart all of the sports and activities I have loved in the past when I am well enough; swimming, horse-riding, tennis, cycling, yoga, regular massage…and rock climbing. Nope, I have no idea where that idea came from either, as I only ever tried it once while at school, but it seemed like a good one at the time.

That is, until I saw THIS >>>

Good place to start with this new hobby of mine, no?

That, right there, is Excalibur, the world’s highest free-standing climbing wall. At 121 feet (37 metres) it’s taller than most buildings and if you’re absolutely mental and fancy climbing it, you’ll find it in Groningen, The Netherlands.

I think I may stick with Tennis and Yoga for now…

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