The coolest ways to save the world!

I’m always up for saving the world.

It’s a challenge I’d take on single handedly, if it was slightly more practical. And when I’m fit & well again, I may just give it a go. But until then, I’m just going to have to rely on lovely people like you to help me.

Now don’t worry, I’m not about to ask you to don a cape & wear pants over your tights or lurk about in a batcave waiting for “the signal”. That would just be silly.

Instead, here are a few products and services that I think we should all be paying a bit more attention to. And best of all, they’re all pretty cool!

1. Streetcar

I think we’re pretty damn lucky with Public Transport in London. Now, before people throw things at me, I know there are delays and cancellations, and that its all a bit grubby; but after living out in the sticks for a while I fully appreciate being able to hop on a bus or tube to get me from one side of the City to the other. I can go weeks in London without needing the use of a car, which is great. BUT, there are still times that a car is really helpful, and for those times, we have Streetcar.

Streetcar is a fantastic scheme that pretty much negates the need for Londoners to own their own vehicles. They have a huge network of cars parked up in dedicated spots all over London, meaning in all likelihood they will be within walking distance of your home or office. You can hire a Streetcar for as little as 30 minutes, or for as long as 6 months. They even make it easy for you to register and reserve your car…and with a selection of VW’s and BMWs, as well as vans for more bulky items…the cars look good too!

Costs vary depending on how long you use the car for etc…but it is a whole world cheaper than forking out for your own car…and tax, insurance and all that other nonsense. PLUS…Every Streetcar on the road replaces approx 25 privately owned cars, as members often sell their own cars or simply have no need to buy one in the first place. And that, my friends, helps the environment no end. Do we like Streetcar? Yes, we do!

2. Jump in a Green Tomato Taxi…

I take a LOT of taxi’s. And in all honesty, they are mainly black ones. But this is going to change now that I’m going to be a full time Londoner once again. I’ll be using the environmentally friendly greentomatocars from now on; they go out of their way to offset their emissions, have a fleet of Toyota Prius’s and don’t charge you extra for going green. If you haven’t heard of greentomatocars and you live in London, you need to save their number to your mobile. You can even book online. Fab.

3. Switch to Organic

We are so lucky in London now, we have so many Farmers Markets and organic stores that we can drop in to – its nearly as easy as the local supermarket. We also now have the amazing Whole Foods Market in Kensington, Clapham Junction, Camden, Soho and Stoke Newington. Make the change…feel the difference!

4. Choose Ethical Fashion.

The days of shapeless old hemp garments being the only options available when it comes to ethical fashion are long gone. Designers are now seeing the importance of using sustainable or recycled materials in their clothes; and fashion is all the better for it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a budget or not either. High Street stores such as H&M now has strong environmental policies in place, and I recently found some fantastic organic cotton staples on their shelves. At the other end of the scale you have companies such as From Somewhere, a creative sustainable label that uses pre-consumer waste in their fantastic designs. Think fabric samples, swatches, end of rolls and off-cuts; or in other words all the material that would/could have been thrown away. Instead, these beautiful fabrics get turned into even more fabulous clothes that are desirable, wearable and ethical. Brilliant.

And don’t forget Vintage! One of the biggest trends around at the moment and one of the best ways to recycle and reuse the greatest clothes we’ve got. So much better than the bin…

5. Go Recycled when it comes to Accessories!

Recycled and Vintage jewellery has also seen a huge bump in popularity over the last few years – and rightfully so. There are some amazing brands out there, such as Swell Vintage, creating the most gorgeous and original pieces without tapping into the planets resources any further.

The same with handbags. Nearly every woman I know has at least 10 bags in her wardrobe…we should start making sure that at least a few of those are made from sustainable or recycled materials. The choices these days are endless and exceptional; from reclaimed leather to recycled car tyres and everything in between. My favourites come from ace Vegan Designers Matt & Nat and the gorgeous ethical & fairtrade NV Calcutta London.

And guess what? Because they’re lovely and we like you…those all-round fabulous people at NV Calcutta London are offering TLLWTL readers an exclusive 25% discount! Just enter TLLWTL at the checkout when prompted. Brilliant!

So there you go. Its easy isn’t it? Why not check out some of the above…and join me in my quest to save the world one little purchase at a time x

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