HEALTH: Does Size Matter this Valentines Day?

Everyone loves a penis, don’t they? Well…most of us do, anyway. Whether you’re a boy and you love your own, and you’re a girl and you love someone elses, it’s no secret that they’re quite useful (to most of us. There are some exceptions, of course).

And what better day to celebrate penis’s than Valentines Day – or as it’s otherwise known, National Condom Day. No…I didn’t know it existed either, but every day’s a school day.

Condom Hearts

On that note, we’re going to have a little statistics lesson. Rather brilliantly, condom company TheyFitstudied” 20,000 UK penis sizes and have published the results. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

(The results are fairly interesting)

Erect Penis Size Range:

  • Smallest: <3”
  • Largest: >10”

Erect Penis Size Spread:

  • 26% of Male Population <5″ in Length
  • 53% Between 5″ and 6″ in Length
  • 21% are Longer than 6″ in Length

Average Erect Penis Length:

  • 5.1”

Average Erect Penis Circumference:

  • 4.7”

Top 10 UK Cities by Penis Length            

  • 1            Stoke-on-Trent
  • 2            Leeds
  • 3            Manchester
  • 4            Birmingham
  • 5            Liverpool
  • 6            Cardiff
  • 7            Newcastle upon Tyne
  • 8            Chelmsford
  • 9            Oxford
  • 10           Norwich


UK Regions by Penis Length (descending)

  • 1            North West England
  • 2            North East England
  • 3            North England
  • 4            South East England
  • 5            Scotland
  • 6            Wales
  • 7            West Midlands
  • 8            Northern Ireland
  • 9            East Midlands
  • 10          East Anglia
  • 11           South West England


Top 10 UK Cities by Penis Circumference

  • 1            Bristol
  • 2            Oxford
  • 3            Leeds
  • 4            Newcastle upon Tyne
  • 5            Nottingham
  • 6            Cardiff
  • 7            Birmingham
  • 8            Gloucester
  • 9            Coventry
  • 10          Manchester

So, there you go ladies and gays. If you want them longer, go to the North West (Stoke on Trent in particular). If your focus is on girth, head to Bristol.

And if you want them safe? TheyFit are giving away free “FitKits”, which help guys measure themselves and order the perfect condom from a whipping 95 different sizes. The FitKit provides each user with a randomised size code such as M17 or S77, so it’s not immediately obvious if someone needs a large or small condom.

We have 3 packs of TheyFit Condoms to give away to those of you who want them. To win…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Simply tweet about this competition…and then choose any of the other options for up to 7 additional entries! It’s up to you if you do some, or all of the extras.

You don’t need to give us any personal information – we’ll pick the winners and then put you in touch with the YouFit team, who will send out a FitKit and arrange for your freebies to be delivered. Try them out and we bet you they feel better than anything you’ve tried before!

The competition is only running from NOW until midnight tonight, so get your entries in quick.

Get lucky – and when you get lucky…be safe!!! x

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