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Monday nights are generally quite dull,  another four days till the weekend, still struggling to comprehend another week of the 9 to 5, so it was a welcome change this week to find myself at Indigo at the O2 arena – to see an exclusive performance from the girl of the moment, Ellie Goulding.

The gig, sponsored by Best Buy, saw a real mixture of people in the audience. It seems Ellie has a far reaching appeal, describing herself on her Facebook page under the genre of ‘ folktronica’.

British Synthpop band from Camden, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool were the support act. In the interval I asked an older lady, who had seemed very into them, how she knew of them. ‘My Grandson is in the band’ she replied. I couldn’t help but cast a little look at her later on during in the gig when they gave her a shout out. With her hands in the air, she was clearly in the moment.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool are a real mixture of sounds. Pop without being cheesy, they reminded me of MGMT and Hot Chip but with perfect boy band tones all thrown into one (They may not thank me for that last bit). They are all also very easy on the eye (they may however thank me for that bit). You can check them out on Facebook and twitter. Their next single, Jacksons Last Stand, is realised independently on July 12th.

With the crowd fully whipped up, there was a moment of anticipation as the girl we were all waiting for took to the stage. In tiny shorts and a mop of amazing blonde hair, the first notes out of her mouth hit me right in the stomach, the raw emotion and genuine amazing talent shocked me. When she spoke to the crowd she was almost shy, with her clipped british accent she appeared like a school prefect, but when she sang the room fell silent.

She performed for well over an hour, delighting the crowd with songs such as Guns and Horses, Starry eyes, her debut single Under the Sheets and the most amazing cover of Midlakes Roscoe.

Ellie is a talented girl, who moves well, plays guitar, drums, sings and connects with the crowd and her band with the authority of someone older than her 24 years. Although seemingly shy, she commanded the stage, and really brought the house down with an storming performance.

If you get a chance to see her live, do check her out. She has a rare talent of sounding exactly like she does on her album, with perfect pitch – backed up by her band, Chris, Max and the amazing Joe Clegg on drums.

Not bad at all for a Monday night.

By Lorna Harris

[EDITORS NOTE: Lorna won tickets through TLLWTL…so don’t forget to enter our next fabulous competition for your chance to win!]

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