Excuse me Cancer, do you have a moment?

Now…excuse me for stating the obvious….but Cancer is SHIT.

Unfortunately, all of us have been affected by it in some way. So surely, this means all of us should be doing something, however large or small, to help support people through diagnosis, understand the devastation left in the wake of the illness and of course help find a way to prevent, control and cure this horrid disease.

This October, Passionate Pink! (a not for profit organisation who hold high profile events in fabulous locations throughout the UK) are producing an event with a difference to help raise vital funds for the Cancer charities who do such amazing work.  The Malmaison Hotel in Oxford will be the first UK venue to host the ‘Dear Cancer Exhibition’ by Anna Antell.

What makes this event so unique is that every aspect of the exhibition, from PR, photography and exhibition pieces have been produced by people who have been touched by cancer. Venues in Oxford, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and London will play host to this unique event from October onwards to raise awareness of the real life experience of cancer.

Anna Antell, an Oxford based breast cancer survivor has brought together women from all over the globe, all of whom she has met on social networking site Twitter since her diagnosis.

‘It’s been an amazing experience’ says Anna. ‘To be told you have cancer is terrifying, everything feels so uncertain and it is such a lonely time. Twitter became a welcome relief for me whilst I was going through treatment. Talking to other women who were going through the same thing made me feel less alone’. She continues, ‘I am a creative person, an artist. I started to think about all the things I wanted to say to cancer, negative and, albeit surprisingly, occasionally positive’.

Anna found that all the other women had similar experiences to her and were expressing themselves in different ways, through poetry, blogs, music and art. ‘It was then I thought an exhibition, to raise money for cancer charities, would give us all something to focus on, it was our time to answer back to cancer, to tell it what we really felt and still feel’.

With all of the women keen to show the realities of the illness but also the fact that they are still, mothers, daughters and lovers, this poignant event will look into the heart of the cancer experience.   The ‘Dear Cancer Crew’ as they call themselves have also posed for a one off photo shoot, so along with baring their feeling, some of them have also bared their scars.  The photographs will play an important part in the exhibition, and calendars and prints will be available to purchase throughout.

Deb Little, founder of Passionate Pink says, ‘Cancer doesn’t discriminate between race, gender, wealth or status, put simply, it kills the people we love; the sad reality is that it devastates thousands of lives each year. We must all help, support and value people like Anna in their quest to take the mystery that surrounds cancer away. When Anna told me of her idea for ‘Dear Cancer’ I knew it was something that Passionate Pink! would be proud to produce. I take my hat off to her and all the amazing women who are involved in the exhibition’. She continues, ‘Anna and I are good friends, and the vision of Passionate Pink! and ‘Dear Cancer’ is the same: To create a future free of the fear of cancer’

Both Anna and Deb know that the exhibition, like all Passionate Pink! events will be an uplifting and positive experience for cancer survivors, those suffering from cancer and their friends and family. As Anna says ‘Where there is life, there is hope. Empowerment and courage is key, and all the ladies involved in this exhibition have an abundance of both’

Please keep your eye on our London Diary page where full event details will appear as soon as we have them. I for one, will definitely be there.

In the meantime please check out the Passionate Pink! website for details on other fantastic events.

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