Eyebrows: Thread, pluck or wax?

My eyebrows are alright you know.

They aren’t particularly bushy, they’re not too thin. I don’t (thankfully) have a monobrow. But we all need a little bit of maintenance, don’t we? I mean, a well shaped eye-brow can make a complete difference to your face. The perfectly shaped eyebrow makes you look younger, gives the illusion of bigger eyes, and helps you look your best. Which, I’m guessing is what we all want.

Now, I’ve been plucking away since my teens. I’ve never been over-zealous, preferring a natural arch to a thin line. Occasionally I get them waxed, but it’s mainly me and my tweezers.

Over recent years though, I’ve been hearing of more and more people heading in for threading. And the results certainly look good. But I’d also heard it was more painful than waxing – and anyone who’s ever been waxed knows that could never be a good thing.

But when I was invited in to have my brows threaded at swish salon Malika at Westfield, I jumped at the chance. I even grew my brows as long as I could, much to the horror of the boy.

I must admit I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but on arrival at Malika I was guided to a very comfy leather chair and asked to relax. My eyebrows were cleansed, and then a piece of cotton produced out of thin air (or so it seemed!) The cotton was then used to measure my brows, check their natural lines, mark out the area to be threaded and I was given a full consultation. I was given some advice about where I may have mis-shaped my brows in the past, and how to get the hairs in certain areas to grow back quicker to achieve the optimum shape.

And then, it began. I was expecting a whole world of pain and had that gritted teeth thing going on…so was pleasantly surprised at the whole lack of agony that followed. OK, it isn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve ever experienced, but the feeling is more one of tiny flicks rather than full on hurt. In fact, I’d describe it as tiny stings – but there was no lasting discomfort.

The whole process lasted about 10 minutes and I am really pleased with the results. My brows are still full and nicely shaped but there are no strays and there was only minimal redness, which went away after 10 minutes or so.

So, would I swap my routine completely to include regular threading? Quite possibly. The results are fantastic and I found it less painful than waxing, but you still have the drawback of having to grow the hairs enough for it to be effective and worthwhile. I was told that my results would last around 4 weeks, so I will wait and see how well it holds up before I hang up my tweezers forever.

I would definitely recommend a trip to Malika if threading is something you’ve considered or even become curious about. The staff are friendly and informative, the salon is chic and relaxing with some lovely chill out music being played in the background, and you’re at Westfield so you can indulge in some retail therapy while you’re there too!

Malika now have 5 salons across London. They offer a range of treatments, varying at each location. Check the website for further details.

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    April 8, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    OMG i can’t believe you actually thought threading was ok!
    It KILLS!!!!!!!
    I much prefer waxing, although threading leaves my eyebrows looking a lot better. If i could take the pain i’d say threading all the way – but i cam’t! @Naiomi xxx

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    April 8, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Oh hun! I honestly thought it was OK. Maybe its something to do with the practitioner who’s doing it? Mine was ace! x

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    April 15, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Bye bye to waxing. I only have my eyebrows threaded now. I have been to Malika a few times now it is just as described in the review. My eyebrows have never looked better! I don’t think it is actually painful as such, it is just a little sensitive in the area being threaded for a few seconds. I also had my nails done at Malika and was very impressed. Lookng forward to my next visit!

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