Fancy a Feel Good Friday?

Just about everyone knows I am a supporter of many charities. I’m not just a do-gooder. I was helped out a lot by some good people when I was younger, and I believe in giving back.

Some causes are easier to get behind than others. For example – everyone wants to help kids in need. Nobody wants to see anybody starving. We would ALL put our hands in our pockets to support a Cancer charity.

But what about the charities that look after people, just like you, who may have lost their way. Who may, like thousands of us each week, fall into a depression, or lose their job, or break up with the love of their life and not know how to cope very well. Charities like the Samaritans, for example.

We don’t really think about them that often, do we?

Welllll…it’s about time we should. On 1st February, I would very much like you to get involved with Feel Good Friday, the Samaritans fundraising initiative.

Feel Good Friday with Samaritans

Feel Good Friday (sponsored by SimplyHealth) aims to get companies to take part in ‘feel good’ themed activities, in return for a donation to Samaritans. Employees are being encouraged to organise feel good activities such as hosting a comedy night or sponsoring colleagues to do something funny. Even if you’re far too busy for this stuff, go to work in your slippers or something and put a few quid in a pot. Anything to help out, just a little.

And why should we support the Samaritans?

This amazing charity is always there, on the end of the phone, for anyone, in any situation, who needs to talk. Sometimes we just don’t feel like we can confide in a friend. We feel, especially if it seems like everything is crashing down, like we don’t want to burden those close to us. So talking to a stranger can really help.

Every year Samaritans answers millions of calls for help from people struggling to cope, costing the charity approximately £3.83 every time. Their aim is that fewer people die by suicide, and to make this happen, they have volunteers available round the clock, every day of the year.

Without our help? Those millions of people have one less person to turn to. And suicide rates will rise.

So. What should you do? Head over to Feel Good Friday, sign your company up, download a pack and on the 1st February, donate a few quid.

Then? Sit back, feel good and know you’re helping someone.

Nice feeling, isn’t it?

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