Fashion Find…Bundy & Webster

Like most people, I still find the High Street fashion shops useful on occasion.

Top Shop and All Saints will be part of my life until I’m too old to wear them anymore. I still like Dune for shoes. Department stores like House of Fraser can still be great if you need to grab all sorts of things in a hurry. And the greatest Department store of them all, Selfridges, will be part of my life until I die….when they’ll probably have to drag my limp, lifeless body from the checkout to my coffin, I love it so much.

BUT. Most of my shopping these days is being done online, and the majority of the e-stores I prefer are smaller and more original than the every day brands. It’s nice to discover a little online boutique with exclusive finds, rather than wearing something that 3 other girls in a bar are wearing too. That is never going to be cool.

Bundy and Webster Unique T-Shirt Design

On my recent travels around the internet, I found the uber-cool website of Bundy & Webster. This South London based company focus primarily on T-Shirts, collaborating with new artists and photographers they love to create unique, limited edition & one-off t-shirts and sweatshirts for their loyal fan-base.

It’s typically menswear but girls can definitely rock the look too. The designs are fantastic and anyone wearing one can be safe in the knowledge that it’s pretty unlikely everyone in the pub will be wearing the same thing. Also good to know that you’re supporting both an up-and-coming brand, and new illustrators and artists when you make a purchase…rather than an already far-too-rich business who doesn’t care about anything than the CASH!

Take a look at some of the designs available now…

(Click to enlarge)

Prices are already reasonable but most items are currently in the sale, so get in quick and grab yourself a new year’s bargain!

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