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If you’ve been reading This Little Lady for a while, you’ll know we’re HUGE festival fans. From Glasto to Bestival, Isle of Wight to Kimberley, we love them all.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll travel as light as possible when you’re camping in a field, but there are some essentials you just can’t NOT take. Your phone, your money…your clothes…unless you get up to something we don’t!

Unfortunately, when the only home you have for the weekend is a tent, and you can’t carry EVERYTHING you take with you at all times, festivals – as fun as they are, can unfortunately be ruined by pesky criminals stealing all your precious things. We’ve been supplied with this little infographic from “Allianz Your Cover” – who’ve told us that a whopping 1 in 3 festival goers either lose items, or have them stolen – on what’s supposed to be an awesome weekend.

If you want to protect your items before some little toerag ruins your fun, take a look Allianz Your Cover, and make sure nothing ruins that festival you’ve been waiting for for so long!

Festival Infographic



This is a Sponsored Post – but worth knowing, don’t you think?? Stay safe, kids!


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