Flirt with Kelly Brook this Thursday…at funkybuddha

Everyone knows I like a bit of a party. And recently I’ve been to some great ones but only told you about them afterwards. How mean, and how selfish of me. I’m sorry.

Not this time though. This time I’m letting you in on the secret BEFORE the party, and will even sort you out with guest list spots if you would like to go. Does that make up for it?

The gorgeous Kelly Brook is heading to funkybuddha in Mayfair this Thursday to help launch the new Playboy Energy Drink…which is running alongside FLIRT…the most enjoyable night for hot singles in the West End. And you don’t find many singles hotter than Kelly Brook, right?

So now for the best bit. I can get girls into the party free before 11.30pm – with free shots before 11 too. It’s £20 entry after 11.30 and for you lovely boys all night.

If you and your friends want to go along and join in the fun just email me with full names of you and your guests and I will organise the rest for you. No drama, just a good night out.

Go. FLIRT. Have fun!

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