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I haven’t seen Olympus has Fallen. However, I have been paying close attention to the recent promo tour – and seen what may have been a hundred interviews with the star, the delectable Gerard Butler. I think I may have even fallen a little bit in love with him after his appearance with mini Ant & Dec. Hot, sweet and funny?

Our kind of man.

The Independent, said the film was

a lumpy version of Die Hard but with Gerard Butler instead of Bruce Willis

but I liked the Die Hard films, and Gerard Butler is DEFINITELY better than Bruce Willis!

Gerard Butler - OLympus is Falling


Oh yeah. Butler is back – and potentially hotter than ever in this movie. Except in 300, perhaps. CGI or not, 300 Butler was HOT.



Ooof. I think I may need to have a lay down. If only all British men were that hot.

Unfortunately, Gerard Butler isn’t going to be back on our screens again until 2014 now, when he has 2 main movies out, Dynamo and Hunter Killer. His voice will also appear in How to Train Your Dragon 2, but quite frankly if I can’t see him, I don’t care!

One last thing – for you lot who like a man with his kit on, rather than off – here’s the obligatory Tux shot. If a man must keep his clothes on, it may as well be a tux…right?!

Gerard Butler Tuxedo

If you’d like to see your crush appear in a future #pervpost, please let me know in the comment section below or on Twitter. You can find me at @Love_London. Say hi!


(As always, I don’t own the copyright to these images, I’ve just borrowed them. )

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