Hearts & Handbags!

I heart handbags.

I have hundreds of them. Big ones, small ones, fancy ones, cheap ones. I have the Designers bags that stay in their little protective sleeves and I have the everyday bags that I fill with a million unknown and unnecessary pieces of junk and wear them until they die a sad, over-used death.

Which is some of the many reasons I love the idea of HANDBAG AMNESTY from the wonderful folks at Radley and The British Heart Foundation.

The Amnesty, which takes place on 1st February, allows you to pop into any Radley store or their website and donate an unwanted bag just in time for National Heart Month, genius! Bags collected will then be sent onto all British Heart Foundations shops around the UK – all of which are crying out for quality stock! From Topshop to Mulberry, all levels will be greatly received.

And what will you get in return, other than a warm feeling in your tummy knowing that you’re doing something nice for charity?

£30 off any brand new sparkly Radley handbag (over £150) – that’s what.


Last years Amnesty raised over £36,000 for the BHF which went towards pioneering research and patient care. Let’s see if we can beat that figure this year and save some more lives!

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