Homes, Sweet Homes…

I have a very clear vision of my perfect home.

There are certain elements that are essential. Stripped, white-washed floorboards. Cosy, overstuffed sofas. Book cases on all walls. Photographs of friends, family and loved ones on the wall. A huge kitchen, with room for a sofa so people can lounge and drink wine while I cook or bake. And an office. A light, bright space, with inspiration boards on the wall, a cosy chair and a wonderfulview. The perfect spot for conjuring up the next big idea. There will be rugs, the dogs bed, and a huge desk which, let’s face it, will be just the right shade of organised chaos.

I cant wait.

Sometimes, on my travels through the internet, I find things that would fit in just perfectly. My Pinterest boards have some wonderful images of rooms I would love to emulate, and products that I’d love to include…just like these;



I came across this brilliant lamp today while browsing through John Lewis (not even sure what for now) and it’s part of their new, functional House collection. It would look amazing in an office – perfectly placed next to me whenever I have that next great idea.


Love it.

Do you have a fixed idea of your perfect future home? Or do you have the perfect home already?

Please share your inspirations and love in the comment box below – I love seeing other people’s ideas of happiness.



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