Incredible Street Art: Mind Your Step…

3D Street Art | Mind Your Step | Erik Johansson | 2011

My love for street art is growing every day. I’m completely blown away by all the talent there is out there, and particularly with the 3D illusions that look so incredibly real. Today’s image is a little different to the others I’ve featured to date – in that it’s not a drawing. Instead, Creator Erik Johansson used his skills as a photographer, combined with his fascination with 3D illusions to create this apparent chasm in a pedestrian walkway in Sergelstorg, Stockholm.

As you can see from the image above, from certain angles, the mind is fooled into believing there is in fact a gaping hole in the geometric pattern of the pavement.

It took a huge amount of work to make this illusion work – and you can see it all come together, and the priceless reactions of passers-by in the video below.

I’ve never believed art has to be hanging in a gallery to have a value. Look at how this creation is making people interact with each other, and engage with the artwork itself. Worth much more than some incomprehensible pieces in my eyes.

What do you think?

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