Introducing Dran: The French Banksy

This is the work of Dran – a French Street Artist who is being billed as “The French Banksy”


Dran - French Banksy
Finger by Dran
Police by Dran

You can understand why. While the finished articles are very different, many of the subject matters are the same. They both clearly question some of the rules, and have staunch opinions on authority. While Dran uses more colour and detail than many of Banksy’s pieces, the overall tone is very similar.

I may be biased, but much as I appreciate the talent here, I think I still prefer the work of our boy Banksy.

How about you – any thoughts? Love, hate, or don’t care for either Artist? I’d love to know. Please use the comment box below. It gets lonely otherwise…

(HT to All That Is Interesting where I originally read about Dran. Head over there for their thoughts and more images)

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