iTunes Festival 2011 – Friendly Fires | Roundhouse | Camden

Words by Alice Langley

I’ve always been some what of a floozy when it comes to music, never sticking to one decade or genre to sum up my musical tastes. I have the attitude in life of try anything once (within the confines of what is legal and proper of course!) and when applied to music this mantra has always seen me right. I’ve discovered over the years music I had beforehand written off as ‘not for me’ was actually not too bad once I’d taken a listen or seen them play live – the latest being my mum getting me into Seth Lakeman after me previously writing off folk music as something I’ll revisit when in my 40’s.

With all of this in mind I jumped at the chance of some new music experiences when the ballot for iTunes Festival tickets opened earlier this year. I applied for tickets for any nights I was free during July with crossed fingers and toes. After numerous ‘unfortunately you have not been successful’ emails I was delighted to open my laptop up last week to see a big fat ‘congratulations’ waiting for me in my inbox. I’d won tickets to see Friendly Fires at the Roundhouse in Camden.

At this point I must admit I had heard of Friendly Fires but wasn’t 100% sure if I knew any of their music, I had however been told they put on one hell of a show so I was all fired up for a great gig.

I was most certainly NOT disappointed! As a venue the Roundhouse was fantastic. It was intimate yet spacious; we never had to wait longer than 5 minutes at any bar and even standing close to the back of the crowd you still felt like you were almost at the front of the stage.

The show itself was brilliant. I knew most of the songs they played and was singing and dancing the night away. Lead singer Ed MacFarlane is an awesome showman and turned a good show into a great one, he is worth seeing for his dancing alone, something I have since found out he is famous for.

Thanks to Friendly Fires, iTunes and The Roundhouse Camden for such a top night, I will certainly be looking for tickets for when they return to London on their up and coming tour.

To apply for tickets for remaining date for the iTunes festival 2011 visit


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    Jenni x
    July 21, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    I’ve never been to the round house, maybe this is the perfect opporunity!

    Great blog btw, thanks!

    Jenni x

    I love all things Self Tan

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