Jessie J at The Roundhouse…

Last weekend, Jessie J took over The Roundhouse for a “private” gig with Vitamin Water, from Glaceau.

The gig was to celebrate Jessie’s collaboration with the soft drink brand, with a first of it’s kind musical video game (you can find out more about that here).

Due to my yucky illness we couldn’t stay for the whole event, but I have to say the atmosphere was buzzing when we arrived, both inside the venue and outside at Camden beach…the sandy “beach” area and Tiki bar just behind the venue. We arrived at around 9, and there was lots of drinking (just the one beer for me!) and dancing to the latest music piped through as the crowd waited for Jessie to take to the stage.

Jessie came on to an incredible light show, with her usual high energy performance and vocal gymnastics that make her truly unique. She looked amazing, in a stunning glittering Vivienne Westwood dress (who else?!) and flowing new wavy hair extensions (that seemed to be causing her a bit of trouble by sticking to her dress after a while – whoopsie!). I love the way she teams her glamorous evening dresses with cool trainers…making it easier to leap around the stage. Right from the start Jessie had the audience singing songs back to her and getting everyone involved – and in a nice touch paid tribute to the Athletes doing such a good job for Team GB.

Now. As I said, we didn’t stay long – but a couple of thoughts. I’ve seen Jessie J perform a couple of times before – but in my opinion, nothing will beat the Vivien Westwood party at LFW 2011. It was stripped back, intimate and raw, with just Jessie and one band member. Her voice was somehow more honest then. Now, I feel the vocal tricks can almost get in the way sometimes – it would be nice to just hear the words, without all the added extras all the time.

Also – while we all knew the gig was sponsored by Vitamin Water – the references were cringeworthy. Constant breaks to take a drink are fine – but holding it up for the audience to see and giving ridiculous plugs? Unnecessary, and a little bit UGH. A girl next to us in the crowd shouted “How much to sell your soul, Jessie J?”

I think that thought was echoed by most…

Anyway, minor issues aside, nobody can argue that Jessie J gives good show. Her audience interaction is brilliant, her voice undoubtedly phenomenal, and her energy remarkable. The Roundhouse is one of my favourite places for London gigs, and was the ideal place to showcase this talent. When we left, it was to a crowd jumping around and singing along – enjoying every minute. So whether she’s sold out or not…I think it’s safe to say Jessie J is going to sell out her shows for a long time yet.

Welcome to Camden Beach!

JJ Miller and James Whatley

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