JJ Miller

Well. I’m a little bit quirky, easily bored and obsessively interested in knowing everything there is to know (if I don’t know…I’ll google it). I’m part Italian, part Austrian, was raised in & around London and have been addicted to this city since I was small.

I love fashion, food, simplicity, photographs, being barefoot, good wine and The Rolling Stones. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and CFS, so these days I’m a little less PPG (professional party girl) and more Paleo Priestess, but don’t let my illness fool you, I’m still all about the fun. I live in London, love Ibiza, travel lots…and hope to never really grow up.

When I’m not here (and have the energy), I can be found eating, exploring the world, arranging events for charity, conjuring up yet another big idea or, on occasion, causing mischief in the Pub.

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