An Easter Treat on Good Friday: Julian McMahon – Better than Chocolate.

When I first set eyes on tall, dark, handsome Julian McMahon, he played the bad boy demon Cole in Charmed. It was safe to say I had a crush. Nothing could have prepared me for the pilot episode of Nip/Tuck though.

As Dr Christian Troy, Julian McMahon is hotter than ever. A flashy, charismatic plastic surgeon with questionable morals when it comes to the ladies, you love to hate him.

For $125k an episode you can expect plenty of skin on show and naughty happenings. Just don’t blame me if you find yourself thinking of him in the small hours…

What a lovely treat that was.
He can nip and tuck me anyday!
[Editors Note: I am, sadly, old enough to remember Jules in Home and Away. Slightly less sexy…the boy done good!]

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