Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…

I’m a fan of free money. I’m also a fan of winning money. So it goes without saying that I’m a fan of places that give me free money with the chance of winning more free money. That’s why I’m a little bit of a gambler.

Gambling is, some say, a fools game, but it’s also quite good fun. I like nothing more than a day at Ascot Races, and have been known to play online poker more than once (once after a glass of red wine with disastrous results – so I tend to stay clear now).

If you’re careful, and set yourself sensible limits, it can be entertaining. But you do have to have a certain amount of self control. I worry a little about the flood of TV adverts for bingo ads, that make it all out to be free money and great prizes but don’t remind you that you do in fact, have to stake a few quid to get involved, and that it’s still gambling and can be highly addictive.

If you don’t have an addictive personality, though, and you like playing games with the chance of winning real money, these bingo sites can be fun. Sites like Bingo Street, who offer a 200% sign on bonus with the addition of an extra fiver if you’re lucky, offer some fun games and excellent promotions so you can get the most out of your initial stake.

If you are going to sign up, my advice would be:

  • Set yourself a limit from the outset and do NOT exceed it. For example, £10 a week? If that’s doable for you, great.
  • SAVE your winnings. If you start with £10 and win £25, withdraw that from the pot straight away. After all, the whole point is to come out with more than you went in with, right?
  • Limit your time on the sites. Some people spend hours playing, which can result in addiction. Not good. Know when to walk away
  • Don’t ever login in after more than one glass of wine!
  • Be honest with yourself, and others, about how much time and money you’re spending on the site. If you find yourself lying, you may be in trouble!

This advice may sound silly, but honestly, if Jeremy Kyle can get addicted to gambling – we all can!

Luckily, in my days of online poker, I didn’t lose any of my own cash, I just lost my winnings (a pot of over £1000 I could have bough nice shoes with). But others lose more than that. So go in with your eyes open, be sensible, and if you are going to gamble – whether it be at the races, at the casino or online – be careful and good luck.

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I thought it wouwld be a good way to get over some advice!

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