Ladies: Did You Ever Feel Sexy Wearing Flats?

I miss heels. Really miss them.

Up until a few years ago, I lived in them – the higher the better. 4 inch heels were the norm – 6 inch stilts even better. But now, I’m like the poor kid with their nose pressed up against the glass of the sweet shop, wanting a little taste of the good stuff, but not being able to. You see, with my pesky health the way it is, wearing heels leaves me in more pain than it could ever be worth, so 99% of the time, I avoid them.

I’m gutted. Let’s face it, heels make you feel incredible. Just slipping on a pair of stilettos can transform an average outfit into a glamorous one; you can go from being inconspicuous to a knock-out in a matter of seconds. The facts are there; they lengthen the leg, pronounce the muscle and give you a good few extra inches of height. All guaranteed to make you feel powerful.

Historically, flats just haven’t had the same allure. They’re what we wear when we want to be comfortable. They’re safe. No-one ever saw a pin-up shoot with a girl in ballet pumps, did they? Or a red carpet dress paired with a flip-flop? Carrie Bradshaw never got excited about a slip-on, and neither do we. There’s no argument to the contrary  They’re just not quite as sexy.

However. While I may not be able to convince you (or myself) that I’ve discovered some magic flats that will turn you into a sex-kitten as soon as you pop them on, I have discovered some gorgeous styles that will at least make your feet look pretty. So even when we’re being practical and cosy, our toes can still be super-stylish.

Here’s my pick of what’s available right now, from High Street to High End:

I adore those last ones. A girl can dream….

They say that if you’re wearing something you love, you feel confident, and confidence is sexy – right? So maybe, the right flats can work towards making you feel sexy after all!


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