Lazy Sunday…

The Boy and I have booked tomorrow off from the outside world.

No phone calls will be taken. The door will not be answered. Clothes will be entirely optional. (I consider Sunday nakedness as helping the environment. No clothes = less washing. Check me out, I’m an eco-warrior.)

I love the preplannedness of it all. We’re heading to the shops today to make sure cupboards are suitably stocked. We’ll stay in bed until it’s just not reasonable to stay in bed anymore. The Boy will walk The Puppy & fetch the papers while I prepare brunch; eggs benedict and proper coffee which we’ll enjoy sprawled out in the lounge, reading each other articles out loud and stopping occasionally to sneak a kiss. Dinner will be simple and easy – something we can make together – after which we’ll collapse back into our relaxed cuddled state and watch old movies until sleep time. Then we’ll curl our legs up in each other under the duvet and be peaceful….

Until 7am on Monday morning when the bloody alarm clock ruins it all!

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