Let’s get sweaty….

People may think I’m a tad mad but I love a good sweaty work out. I’m the kind of girl who feels cheated if her exercise class finishes early and regularly gets up at stupid o’clock to do spinning classes or go for a run.

But rowing is relatively new to me, until a friend told me about how much of a great all over body workout it was, oh and the mention of ‘hot’ men helped too.

And if you get bored of just rowing, a WaterRowing class is great alternative. Held at the Trinity Health club in Central London, it takes the essence of spinning to the water, but as an indoor group rowing program.

Being told I was going to lose up to 1000 calories doing a class of course I jumped at the chance of doing it – what girl wouldn’t? And the effect of using water, instead of a fan operated rowing machine means that it’s more like rowing on water, and makes it less strenuous on your back.

A relatively small class, there was six of us, including the instructor, making it feel very personalised, especially when he gave us individual feedback about how we were doing.

Starting with a gentle warm up he really made us work, making us sprint, go from side to side and even do under arm rowing. Working on your legs and bum as you go back and forth, your arms as you pull back and your upper body throughout its an all over body workout which is aerobic and also tones the muscles.

By constantly assessing our technique and spurring us on to keep going it felt just like a spinning class, but on a rowing machine.  And I came away not only sweating but the next day with aches and pains in muscles which I didn’t even know existed. So if you’re looking for a good challenge or something to whip you into shape for the beach this summer I’d definitely recommend it.

For more information or to book a class visit:

 This post was written by Sarah Finley – follow her on twitter @LovesofaLDNgirl

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