LFW SS14 Arrives…

Ahhh, London Fashion Week has finally arrived. New York has passed on the baton and the capital is set to go crazy, caught up in the excitement and clambering to see who should be wearing what next year – and why.

If you’ve ever attended #LFW, you’ll know that it’s a little bit of a scrum – for everyone other than the top Fashion Editors, of course. Bloggers scramble to get shots of what the models are wearing; what the Designers are saying; to be the first to analyse the future trends and make their comments before anyone else gets the chance.

Street style photographers camp outside the venues, ready to snap the most bizarre, and the most beautiful, as they arrive for the shows. Similarly, wannabees who are desperate for attention dress up in the most ridiculous outfits possible and parade themselves outside Somerset House, or wherever else they fancy, hoping to get snapped and make a name for themselves.

Attendees eye each other up, seeing who’s wearing what, judging each other on outfit and accessory choice, while all the while being perfectly insecure about whether anyone has noticed their shoes are scuffed, or their top is New Look, rather than new season.

And of course – the majority of the world’s best and most influencial designers showcase what they’ve been working on for months – which will influence the colours, styles, lengths and faux pas we all decide to go with next year.

It’s weird. It’s wonderful. And it’s back.

I won’t be attending this year (personal choice) but I will be doing my best to bring you my personal take on some of my favourite collections, the trends that I believe will filter down and become most wearable, and any gossip I pick up along the way.

If you’re going? Have fun. If not? Sensible you. Sit back – read all about it on the internet and avoid the melee.

It’s safer from a distance – I promise!

PS: For a fun drinking game over the weekend – take a shot whenever you hear/see mention of Cara Delevigne. You’ll be absolutely smashed in no time…

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