London for Less..No! No! Hair Removal just £79.99 (60% off!)

Everyone’s seen those annoying adverts. One of my close friend’s has to switch over as soon as that annoying drawl hits the screen.

It’s not a subject we like talking about or readily admit BUT…most women do need to remove hair at some point, whether from bikini line, top lip, legs, underarms or other unmentionable areas…and No! No! does apparently work.

Now, there’s no way I’d pay full price for it (over £200) but for today only, Groupon are offering them for just £79.99. If they really are as good as they say and offer hassle free, pain free hair removal, it’s worth a look, no?

If you’re interested, click here – the deal is live until midnight tonight, so get in quick if this one’s for you!


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