London Riots: Enough Now, Please.

Like the rest of London, the last couple of days I’ve been gripped with sadness at the events happening in our City. I have watched in shock and amazement as these packs of animals tear through local communities, leaving behind them trails of devastation, pain and heartache to residents and local business owners alike.

Their reasons vary. Some still claim to be upset over the shooting of Mark Duggan. But the majority probably don’t even know who he is. This is now a case of uneducated, unstimulated youths following the crowds, and sadly in some cases, finding this funny. This is a classic case of bored kids with nothing to do. Such a sorry state of affairs for a country that’s meant to be Great.

As parts of London still burn from last night, the police are gearing up to try and control the madness again tonight. The nation is calling for army intervention, but for now, all Police leave has been cancelled and additional officers are being drafted in from forces outside London. It’s all such a mess.

But there are some good things coming out of this, as weird as that may seen. Communities are coming together. Business owners are standing side by side protecting their businesses and fighting off the looters. People have taken the day off work to help strangers clean up their businesses, streets and homes. The collective shock at what is going on is bringing the people of London together. Lovely, lovely Londoners are showing their true grit and helping each other at a horrible time. And here are a couple of photo’s to show that side of London, which I still love so much.

Photo courtesy of Pixel.Eight on Flickr.

Tweeted by @rickontour

My thoughts go out to each and every one of you that’s been affected. Stay safe Londoners. And let’s just hope this juvenile, greedy, idiotic behaviour stops soon.x

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    Neil Rivers
    August 9, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    The British Bullbog spirit will shine through in the end…proud to br British and a Londoner through and through…! 🙂 x

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