London for Less: Track in a Box

Get your hands on lots of lovely free downloads thanks to the lovely people over at Track in the Box.

If you haven’t heard of Track in the Box yet, it’s a pretty cool concept for music lovers. The free daily music newsletter helps you cut through the multitude of music blogs and aggregators out there, to help you discover (and sometimes rediscover) great bands. They give you a track in your box every day (your inbox that is)…but these aren’t just picked by your average Joe. Tracks are tracks picked by trusty music-types including Jemima Kiss (Guardian), Michael Lewin (Notion Magazine), Jon Brookes (The Charlatans), Paul Bliss (Blissfields Festival) and Tom Hannan (RockFeedback). It’s an effortless way of receiving something new in your inbox without you so much as having to trawl the blogs. YAY!

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