Love London…

We all know I love London, right?

It should therefore come as no surprise at all that I love the rest of the UK too. OK, so I may not be the biggest fan of the weather 75% of the time, or the traffic jams, or the over-crowding…but in general I love this place. And think we should all be very, very happy to call this little island of ours home.

So it’s a little bit unfortunate that the powers that be don’t deem it necessary to make more of a fuss out of St Georges Day. I mean, all the other Saints get a holiday so why doesn’t poor old George? We’d all be slain by Dragons if it wasn’t for him. And that wouldn’t do at all.

So, in advance of St Georges Day tomorrow, I thought we should all get a little bit patriotic.

Firstly, you should all check out details of the fish! restaurants petition here. It’s important we should support the cause, right?

And secondly…check out some of these fabulous goodies that celebrate the bestest bits of being British without even the slightest trace of “chav”. I love them. Do you?!

  1. This fabulously unique “Quintessentially” print by Betsy Benn (Bodie and Fou – £45).
  2. Natural “Guards” Doormat (John Lewis – £25)
  3. Halo Union Jack Trunk (John  Lewis – £449)
  4. Ben de Lisi Union Jack Cushion (Debenhams – £22)
  5. Keep Calm and Carry on Canvas Shopper (Not on the High Street – £8)
  6. Keep Calm and Carry on Plasters (John Lewis – £4)
  7. Bright Union Jack China Mug (Debenhams – £4)
  8. King & Queen Cushions (John Lewis – £22 each)

You can also see some beautiful British inspired products at Oliver Bonas and Liberty.

Last but not least…I just had to share the most fabulous piece of kitchenware I have seen in ages….a “Made in England” Rolling Pin (by Kathleen Hills at MyLivingSpace) which leaves an imprint into all of your beautifully rolled pastry (that will always be home-made, I’m sure!)

Currently on sale at £29 (15% off)


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