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The Boomtown Rats said almost all there is to say about Mondays in their song ‘I don’t like Mondays’, and it’s a song that doubtless goes through many a London commuter’s mind as they cram themselves sardine-fashion on the tube on a Monday morning. The hatred of the Monday morning routine has certainly added to the song’s longevity!

There are few of us who are thrilled to wake up on a Monday morning. In comparison, London is a completely different place at the weekend. People look happier, the streets are free of men and women in suits, rushing about as if there’s a disaster or catastrophe about to happen, and it’s down to them alone to deal with it. That’s how we all look on a Monday, we look so different on a Saturday or Sunday.

The good people at  JUST EAT are trying to change the fact that so many of us are down on Mondays, so they’ve come up with a great way to make a Monday feel more like an extension of the weekend. Why save takeaway orders solely for the weekend, when it makes just as much sense to have them on a Monday? In order to encourage us, JUST EAT has a great big giveaway – anyone who places an order on a Monday during June may get their meal for free! Simply click here to find out more. With four more Mondays left in June, there are plenty more chances for anyone to win – now that’s a #minifistpump



JUST EAT has already made our lives easier when ordering food to be delivered to your door. For a start, it gives us access to more than 25,000 different food outlets. Plus, with the JUST EAT app, it’s even easier to order. You can order on the move – even putting in your order before you get home, reducing the time you need to wait for the food to arrive. Or maybe you’d rather do your bit for the environment and pick up your order on your way past.


We can all agree that Mondays are tough, but winning a free takeaway delivered straight to your door would definitely make the day a whole lot brighter.

Order a JUST EAT Monday night dinner and save the reality of the working week until Tuesday. And as an added bonus, that’ll mean less of a long haul to the next weekend, when London feels like a fun place to be again, rather than the centre of the rat race!

Written in association with JUST EAT

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