Lucky number 8…

The number Eight is said to be lucky in both Chinese and Japanese culture…and I expect that right now, Brandon Kinsman is crossing his fingers and hoping this is true.

You see, despite the doom and gloom of news reports and the constant talk of the bloody credit crunch, this week sees the launch of Eight EC2 in Moorgate, the stunning new sister venue to the very grown up Eight EC3.

Eight Ec2I like members clubs. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in them over the years and to say that they’ve pushed to boat out on this new venue would be an understatement. Eight Moorgate EC2 is newly constructed entirely from glass, spans over 9,000 square feet and offers spectacular views across the City. To gain entry, you cross the courtyard and are transported skywards to the 5th and 6th floor via a glass elevator (very Willy Wonka!) Once inside, they have pretty much everything covered, from a cigar enclosure, on-site tailor, jeweller, library, bar and a fabulous restaurant to boot.

The cost of this luxury? For membership to both EC2 and EC3 it will set you back £77 per month, or as I calculate things, the equivalent of a pretty dress with bows on. Or some shiny new shoes.

It’s a brave time to open such a venture in my opinion but I think with the lucky number 8 on their side they’ll pull it off. While it’s true we’re in the middle of a recession, clients will always need entertaining, there will always be someone wanting to be part of the newest sparkly thing – and men will always want to put off going home to their wife and kids when they can have their shoes shined and smoke cigars with the boys. Stereotypical maybe….but true!

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