LFW Lida O’Reilly SS 2011

We are almost half way through fashion week and last night I was invited to see a collection from Lida O’Reilly, a leading Mauritian designer who made her return back to London Fashion week. No longer a new-comer in the fashion scene (label was launched in 2001), she has started to make a name for herself outside Mauritius as well.

I arrived in the Charing Cross hotel, which by the way is nice! They have done a really good job with the hotel.  That was the first thing I noticed. I walked upstairs, as I couln’t find the lift. Walking UP, was not a good idea, as I had just done a 60min spinning glass and wearing boots. By the time I got to the first floor, I was starting to sweat, my quiff, which is usually perfectly coiffed had started to curl.


Signed myself in (guestlist, yes please) and walked over to the bar for my free drink. Pink bubbles make me happy! Things were off to a good start. (Sneaky, get them drunk, they will love the show). I took my seat, front row of course. I mean really, why would you even try and put me behind people? Pointless. Other people had sat down, but soon ushered away from their seats by couture wearing assistants. I was staying put. I ain’t moving no place!

Pre show, it was all velvet in gold and burgundy, matt catwalk (it was turned off), champagne bottles popping open, couple of UBER homos’s (I am allowed to say that, being gay myself). I saw harem pants, super high heels, sequins, ruffles and someone was wearing kitten heels. EEEK. All my energy went to NOT tackling her in her gown.

The lights went off and the floor light up. Showtime!

The show started with an appearance from Sofia Hayat (singer, model, writer) who is absolutely gorgeous, she walked the runway in her black sparkly gown and ridicilously high heels. Once she was done walking she crabbed the microphone and started singing. The show was filled with live music from her and a quitar carrying male companion. Nice touch.

The dresses started coming out like clockwork, beautifully crafted ready-to-wear couture. Yes, I said it. There is such thing. Honest. It was like I was invited to a golden dreamland where the women are beautiful and dressed to fly. Ethetric gowns in deep red’s, sparkly nudes and different shades of lilac. All beautifully crafted and executed. My favorite of the long dresser was this multicolored maxi dress, it was to die for. Long and floaty. Such gorgeousness.

We had some sassy shorter cocktail dresses, one really burned into the back of my head in deep green, off the shoulder number. Totally sexy. Totally hawt. The model wearing it was working it. Totally. Clearly a vixen that one. There was one dress that would be totally perfect for The Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. I couldnt get enough of the colorfull fabrics, incredbile detailing, floating fabrics, “broken” hemlines, goddess dresses. The models rocked the catwalk and I was sold.

I truly enjoyed the world that Lida O’Reilly created for us, it was fun, sassy, goddess-like and it sounded like “summertime”. She made a great return to LFW and I am so excited that I was there to witness it all.  I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next time around.

You can find out more about Lida O’Reilly at

Sassy Msalonen

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    Toby Bennet
    September 22, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    Thought the show was amazing, the whole concept was actually Sofia Hayat’s idea, who was asked by Lida to do the show, she transformed the stage and designed the lighting. I was there during rehearsal as I had arrived early with the camera crew. She dimmed the lights closed the curtains and instructed the lighting guy to keep it dark for the arrivals and only to switch the stunning lights on when she stepped on the catwalk!

    I think she is a superwoman, casting the models, casting the whole show, singing, and modelling herself. Oh, and the uber gay guys are all friends of hers in the business, milliner, Louis Mariette, Milliner, Ilda di Vico, Tv presenter Julian Bennett! I want to be Sofia’s uber gay friend!

    Actually, I could just wear all the dresses she gets to wear on the red carpet, and with a friend like Lida, I am sure she isn’t short of dresses!!

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    Miri Zaruba
    September 24, 2010 at 12:23 am

    The show was amazing and Lida’s eady-to-wear couture collection beautiful. Sofia Hayat was great and helped to organise the show
    for Lida – it is quite normal that a fashion designer can’t be everywhere and has a friend with a such amazing skills to do it. Both of them are great women, and I am glad I was part of the show.

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    December 17, 2010 at 3:57 am

    The show was nice but the dresses look dulls with poor fabrics. The camera and lighting play a disillusion effect and make the dresses look more beautiful. The same effect is for while buying a nice jewel under bright spot lights. I am writing such post as i have made a dress for myself at lida o’reilly but she did not meet my expectations and i was very upset. I have been to almost all her shows and she displayed almost the same dress which she displayed in her studio at Curepipe. Over there, she did not design the dresses herself but employ staffs with little competence and imagine the result of the final products! “lida O’reilly’ is only the selling of a big family name present in Mauritius but if someone want to trust what i am expressing, please go and visit her studio as her back office at curepipe and benchmark with other famous designer you already know. Yet, for a small island like Mauritius,serving the middle-class markets is satisfactory as long as their their needs could be matched ; but for those looking for a high couture dress and highly demanding, i would not recommend ‘Lida O’reilly. The latter being in International fairs would not mean, she is amongst the leading designers, in Mauritius there are others who did pretty well but when there are political influences, publicity mean more than the quality of the fabrics…

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