Maison Blanc…

I love food.

Anyone who knows me knows this is true. I don’t really even mind which food. As long as it’s edible and close by, I’ll eat it.

Some food though, is special. Occasionally, I eat something so tasty I want to shout about it…and this week I found such a thing, in the shape of a Maison Blanc éclair.

I’m not kidding. This is a little bit of food sex on a plate. Delicious, rich and 100% sinful.

I could tell you that Maison Blanc’s éclairs are made using traditional French techniques, with crème pâtissière piped into a light choux pastry shell, topped with lustrous icing. I could say that Maison Blanc’s éclairs come in three traditional and delicious flavours: chocolate, coffee, and vanilla, with rich chocolate-brown icing, golden coffee icing, and bright, white vanilla icing respectively.

Or I could just tell you that these things are so bloody delicious and tell you to go and taste one immediately.


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