Men’s Autumn Wardrobe Update…by MSalonen


I have been ignoring you for few weeks now and it is time that I gave you a little something new to think about. The autumn is here and it is the perfect time to add some new pieces to your look. I’m not talking about reinvention (as I am not Madonna), but just few garments that will update your wardrobe for the next season.

A change of season isn’t an excuse to get lazy and just throw on a jumper, coat and change into your winter shoes. With some key pieces you can update your look and make your Autumn so much nicer. Seriously. Women tend to dress in bland colors over the winter months, and men are not that much better. I am not expecting a miracle, so I’m not about to suggest a pink beanie hat or green shoes…that would be a step too far.

Here is what I would buy now to help with the autumn blues…

Storm Watch £99.99 (in four different color options)

I am obsessed with watches…truly. I have been wearing one every since I was 11 and will not leave the house without one on my wrist. If I accidentally do, I will turn back and go put one on…or if that is impossible, I will buy one on the way. Sad but true.

A few weeks back I was invited to a preview of the new Storm Watch collection and OMG. Storm used to be a little “too much” so to speak. The styles were slightly blingy and over the top. However, now Mr Storm has grown up. I was ugely impressed. I saw watches, bracelets, bags and other jewellery, all of which made me happy. I went in expecting glitter and sparkles and neon straps, but was shown a collection that was grown up yet playful. The neon is still there, the sparkles are still there, but now they are grown up. The great thing about Storm is that you can get a really snazzy looking number for a good price. A fashionable watch that will carry you over many seasons to come. Done.

Belstaff Jacket £370

There is nothing quite like Belstaff when it comes to jackets and coats. I have been lucky enough to own a Belstaff leather jacket, which was the most amazing Leather Jacket ever (made of kittens of course). I adored it, lived in it for two years and then left it on a transatlantic flight. I didn’t need it in Singapore now did I? When I realized that the jacket was no longer in my person. I called the airline and airport and FBI. They were not able to locate the jacket. I am thinking that there is a Virgin trolley dolly walking around Soho with my jacket on. I am keeping my eyes open and ready to attack when needed.

Anyhow, a great jacket will do wonders for you. Please take note. This number from Belstaff is to die for. Awesome petrol blue, with strap details. Short cut, long sleeves. Perfect for highlighting that gym worked torso. I need a new jacket, and this one is it.

Lyle & Scott V Neck £80

Please do me a personal favor and take all your v necks out and have a good look. If they look a little drab, have holes or just look little old, it’s time to bin them and get a new one.

Wool looks awful once it’s over-worn. Having said this, I have a favourite grey cardigan that I bought circa 1998. It is totally trashed, but I will not get rid of it. Never. Much to the other half’s dismay. It is my comfy cardigan. You are allowed to keep one rough looking item. We all need comfort…But this lamb’s wool V neck by Lyle & Scott will update your V necks in a flash. It even comes in different colors, so if you are feeling brave, opt for the blue or the pink one. I am merely showeing the grey as getting a man to update wardrobe is hard enough task…so if I start introducing color at the same time, you might run away. All in good time. The shape is amazing, just tight enough without being too much and being 100% lamb’s wool. Perfect for winter.

Boots by KG – Kurt Keiger £140

Shoe heaven.

A new pair of boots is a must for Autumn/Winter. This season I am all about brogues. These babies come in black and tan. I would personally go with the black as much easier to wear. They are nifty little boots indeed. With boots (shoes in general really), you oughta spend a little more as the quality will be much better with more pounds spent. If you just want a pair of boots for this autumn, head to Zara and get them a lot cheaper. They will grind your toes into mash and every step you take you will want to cry a little. Spend more, get more. Uncomfortable shoes are just not worth it…Trust me. I speak from experience. I blame years of ballet and too small shoes. Boohooo.

Diesel “Thanaz” jeans £130

Diesel is one of my all time jeans heroes. I have pairs that I bought years ago (oldest pair was bought when I was 23) and they all still look great. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I have about 37 pairs of jeans, which means that each pair don’t get worn that often. Plus when I do find a pair that I love, I will most often buy it in all the washes and sometimes the same wash twice. Being a freak of nature my waist size has not changed in 10 years, which is good as otherwise my jeans collection would become totally useless.

Get these in Black. Black jeans work great in autumn when it rains and they get wet, it wont show. WIN! Skinny fit, low waisted, tapered leg. Will look amazing with the boots above. Jeans should be bought with careful consideration. You will wear them to death, so make sure they fit as they should.

Stetson Hatteras Herringbone Bakerboy Cap £74

Not enough people wear hats these days. This confuses me. A great hat will make your outfit stand out from the rest of us. Well, not us. I am not included in “us”. I am my own entity after all.

This Herringbone bakerboy cap is perfection. Bakerboy caps suit most guys, you just need to pick the right color and know how to wear it. Should be easy enough. Girls, please encourage the men in your lives to wear hats. There is something very sexy about hats, even if its just because it’s hiding a bald spot. I am going to start a hat revolution. Sorted.
This should be enough to get you all started. Start where you feel most comfortable, do what you can, invest in good pieces that will last. I would rather buy an amazing jacket and spend small pennies on a belt. Some things are worth spending money on, some are not. Please email me if you would like a full detailed list.
The Autumnal Msalonen

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    October 22, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    You’re a great writer with great taste. And I’m looking for a nice pair of black jeans to wear this season.

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