MUBI & Second Home curate a season on youth and revolt

With the election next week, MUBI is collaborating with Second Home to curate a season which focuses on youth and revolt, raising awareness of politics and the importance of having a voice.

The season kicks off with award winning director Alexander Payne’s Election, and finishes with a screening and Q&A session with director Eric Baudelaire.

Also included in the line-up are the coming-of-age, BAFTA winning This Is England, Jean-Luc Godard’s dark political comedy and Venice Special Award winner La Chinoise, and the Oscar-winning Peter Watkins’ controversial pesudo-documentary Punishment Park.

The Another Brick In The Wall series will screen at Second Home, 68 – 80 Hanbury Street, London E1 7JL, from Tuesday 5th May to Monday 1st June.

Screenings start at 7.30pm, admission costs £7 in advance and is free for Second Home members.

Ahead of the season, tickets can be purchased from


Tuesday 5th May

Dir. Alexander Payne, 1999

A classic high school movie following the formidable Tracey Flick on the campaign trail for class president. Election is an acerbic comedy with pitch perfect performances from Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick.

Monday 11th May

Dir. Shane Meadows, 2006

A modern classic of British cinema featuring an irresistibly authentic performance from newcomer Thomas Turgoose. Set in 1983, This Is England is a coming of age tale set in Thatcher-era England that follows a precocious 12 year old as he falls in with a gang of charming skinheads.

Friday 22nd May

Dir. Jean-Luc Godard, 1967

Face of the french new wave, Jean-Pierre Leaud stars in this stylish and dark political comedy from Jean-Luc Godard. In 1967’s Paris, a group of young students disillusioned by their suburban lifestyle find themselves enamoured by the teachings of Maoism and vow to make change. Forming a small terrorist cell over the summer as they are locked away in their parents’ bourgeoisie apartment, they plan on inspiring change through any means necessary, even resorting to violence.

Tuesday 26th May

Dir. Peter Watkins, 1971

After it’s controversy-stoking premiere at the New York Film Festival, Hollywood refused to distribute the film and it was barely seen until it’s DVD release in 2005. Set in a detention camp in an America of the near-future, Punishment Park‘s pseudo-documentary style places a British film crew amongst a group of young dissidents who, faced with lengthy jail time, have opted to spend three days in ’Bear Mountain Punishment Park’.

Followed by a Q&A with director Eric Baudelaire

Monday 1st June

Dir. Eric Baudelaire, 2011

Eric Baudelaire, acclaimed artist and photographer, uses Super-8 film to capture the political and personal reflections of May, the daughter of the founder of the Japanese Red Army, Shigenobu, and of Adachi Masao, the legendary experimental filmmaker who gave up cinema to fight for the Palestinian cause in Beirut.

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