My funny little crush…

I have just had a long, hot bubble filled soak in the bath with The Rolling Stones.

Well. Unfortunately that’s not entirely true….it was the music, not the delicious men themselves. Goddamit.

I know I know…many of my friends find my obsession admiration for The Stones a little peculiar, and I can see The Boy’s face drop slightly when I admit out loud Mr Jagger may just be the only other man who does it for me…Which isn’t at all surprising when you think about it, seeing as he is over twice my age and more than a little bit wrinkly (that’s Mick, by the way…not The Boy)

I’m not 100% sure what it is that intrigues me about this group of ancient rockers, who in truth are all old enough to be my Grandad. I’m definitely in awe of their talent and the way their music changed the world – but it’s more than that. There is something insanely attractive about their rawness, the craggy lines and years of not giving a f*ck etched on their faces. The history, the beauty, the trouble….

They make me smile. They’re the band I listen to if I’m stressed and need to dance it out. But anyway, before I get a little carried away….I’ll stop.

If you don’t know much about them, find out. If you don’t know much about their music – shame on you – go listen. But before you do, here’s a little picture tribute to the most talented, and lets face it…sexy…band of all time…

The beautiful & the damned.... Young Jagger Keith - How Sexy?!






The most amazing performers.... Mick by David BaileyKeith RichardsEarly daysThe Gentleman - Charlie WattsHOT!Mick by Richard Young1975 @ The AlamoMJ

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