My Priceless hug with Ne-yo…

The event: First MasterCard Priceless gig of 2013.

The star: Ne-yo

“Do you want to come to a Ne-yo concert with me on Thursday?” I asked my friend this week having received an invitation from thislittlelady to go check it out. “Lol” she replied, “I am well up for Ne-yo”. Then followed this with the more tentative question, “What am I supposed to wear..?” As fans of electronic music we are both used to dressing for a more casual scene. BLING! I told her, and something sexy. Ne-yo himself, it turned out, had clearly taken this instruction this heart. He emerged on stage to greet an excited crowd parading reams of diamonds hung over a leather-look t shirt and a black trilby perched over his eyes in a sexy slant: his signature look. It’s not every day you get to stand a foot away from a Grammy Award winning super star and watch as he gyrates in front of you and a couple hundred other lucky fans. Priceless: in a nut shell.

His performance was fabulous. Starting off with the hit single Miss Independent he whipped the crowd up into a frenzy of photo-taking, outstretched arms and bump’n’grind. Ne-yo got the crowd moving and singing along to every song bar a small less well known selection from his new album R.E.D (Realizing Every Dream). Songwriter for Beyonce and Mary J. Blige, this man proved that he is more than just a lyricist.

The highlight of the night however had to be meeting the man himself. Waiting in a backstage corridor filled with a mixture of excitement and anticipation, the situation felt reminiscent of a childhood visit to see Father Christmas. And we were not disappointed to see that, unlike the fake department store Santa, Ne-yo was the real deal; friendly, flirty and oozing star quality. It was, as MasterCard promised, a priceless experience.

For Ne-yo, it was the perfect opportunity to publicise his upcoming live show at the O2, as well as signing a new artist to his record label, Motown Records. London born Sonna Rele performed a couple of her songs before Ne-yo joined her on stage and delivered the news. An Asian beauty with even more beautiful vocals, Sonna’s acoustical music is both soulful and folky and we agree with Ne-yo that she will go far. Look out for this one!

Support act, Josh Osho is another one to keep an eye out for. South London based singer-songwriter Josh combines a talent for poetic lyrics, beautiful vocals and an absolutely gorgeous face for inevitable success.

With the combination of Osho, Ne-yo and an all male band, this night well and truly had the swoon-factor.

Ne-yo’s live show at the O2 is the Friday (15th March), and I highly recommend going!

Listen to/buy Ne-Yo’s R.E.D, Josh Osho’s L.I.F.E. or Sonna Rele’s Brand New Day over on Amazon – plus get a 25% discount on downloads if you sign up for their newsletter. (You can always unsubscribe afterwards, right?!)

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