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When I was young, someone at my school had a street named after him. Little me thought this was the most exciting thing in the whole world, ever…and was genuinely peeved that I hadn’t got my own street too. I later found out that the poor boy had broken a limb on the building site and that the Contractor was his Uncle, so his people spoke to their people…and you get the idea.

Yes, I desperately wanted a street named after me but even I drew the line at throwing myself in front of a bulldozer to get one. I’d have to find another way…

Twenty-something years later, my time may have finally come. (I knew patience was a virtue). The lovely chaps in charge of building the HUGE new site in Kings Cross are giving the public (that’s me and you, that is) the chance to name a street on the new development. My 7 year old dreams could finally come true!

The planned new King’s Cross site is going to be a whopping 67 acres and many of the streets have already been spoken for. The (frankly very dull) names all have a link to the area and include King’s Boulevard, Handyside Street, Stable Street and Tapper Walk.

We can do better than that though, right?! The competition is on to come up with 10 more FANTASTIC street names. While the developers believe the current system has worked well, they now say:

Consideration will now be given to all sensible suggestions that are consistent with Camden Council’s guidelines on the naming of streets and those considered the most appropriate will form a shortlist.

This sounds like a challenge to me…and man do I love a challenge. I want – no, need – to go down as part of London’s history. Seriously, how cool would that be?!

While I’m not quite convinced that JJ Miller Street or This Little Lady Road are going to make the cut, I’m absolutely going to enter and have a go.

Baby JJ

I owe it to the little version of me. She was quite cute, after all.

If you want to have a go and enter the competition too, you can find more details

here. Just don’t beat me, please. There’d be tears at bedtime….again!

Please do comment below with any excellent, humorous or silly ideas (that you’re not planning to submit, of course…) I’d love to hear them.

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