New Release: Example – Close Enemies…

This is the new track from Example, Close Enemies, which is due for release on 11/11/2012.

I’m  a big fan of Example’s work – but I’m not sure this is my favourite tune so far. However, some of his songs are growers, so maybe this one will creep up on me. You never know. It has a little bit of everything, I guess; light, dark, rapping, dubstep, vocals. He’s quite a talented chap really, that Elliot Gleave.

The video, which is stunning, was directed by my favourite photographer, Rankin – and you can see his style in the shoot. (And for no particular reason, here’s a really cool photo of me and Rankin. Yep, I’m proud of it.)

What are your thoughts? On the Example video I mean…not the photo!

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