My Newest Skin Legend – Skinesis…by MSalonen

Few weeks back I had lunch with a friend of mine, who I haven’t seen a long while.  She works as a personal assistant and is always out of town. So, trying to see her is like trying figure out world peace. Her schedule and mine put together is like who’s who in the entertainment and fashion industry. We could really rule the world. Truly. Lucky we don’t want to.

Anyway, we sat down for lunch in the buzzy East London, ordered wine and something to eat. Got through all the gossip, as there wasn’t much to tell. We share the same friends, both on facebook and twitter and we both blog. There actually wasn’t that much to talk about. As we both already know everything about what has been happening in each others lives. I find this little annoying. One of my “sisters” lives in Edmonton, Canada. We chat only once in three weeks as we noticed that if we really want to have a good chat, we need not to talk every week. Pointless, we are in each other lives 24/7 with online tools. Its all very convenient, but it would be nice to have a little to talk about!

Side tracked much? Anyway. So we had shared the little gossip and I started noticing something different about her. I first thought she had grown taller, only to realize that she was is hidden (sneaky) platform boots. I thought maybe she has had her hair done, but no. Still the same. Then  it hit me. Her face was glowing. No, it wasn’t glowing. It was radiant. I started to think, was she preggers? I wanted answers. I was not at all prepared for the answer. She may have found the best thing in skincare AND it was a brand I had never heard about. I mean really. What happened? Did I go to sleep for 100 years?

So anyway. What is this magic brand? Skinesis, by Sarah Chapman, she said. I was immediately intrigued. What? Sarah who?

Immediately after I got home from lunch, I went online and ordered myself a few products. Now, I don’t usually just go and order stuff online, but with my friends high recommendation (and the way her skin looked) I was sold.

A few days later a little package arrived. I used my snagged tooth to open the envelope and I was already pleased with my purchases. The packaging is great, all products in pump bottles so you dont have to stick your fingers into the jars, which is truly one of my pet hates and dont even get me started on when they provide you with a bloody spatula.

This is what I got.

Eye Recovery

I am very skeptical about eye creams, only because I have my firm favorite that I have been using for years. However, in order to properly try this product, I gave my Dermalogica Eye Repair to a friend of mine to hide and started using Eye Recovery. It comes out like paste. No, not paste, slightly thicker than cream. Which is a good thing. Spreads on easily and sinks in straight away. And it smells lovely.

Age Repair Serum

Anything that has the word “age” in the name is a winner. Add it with repair AND serum and you got yourself something amazing. I find it difficult to trust promises that come with creams, usually they don’t deliver. Its annoying when you buy a pot of cream, spend far too much money on it and then month later you cant see any difference whatsoever. Empty promises, another pet hate. This serum goes under your moisturizer and feels like silk.

Dynamic Defence SPF 15

Must admit, I am really awful when it comes to just your “normal” moisturizer. I will use anything really. With this one, your added bonus is the SPF 15. This is my only requirement for my face cream. You should really be wearing SPF 15 (at least) be it summer or winter. Like I have said before, the sun is the devils work. Truly.

Overnight Facial

This product has just nailed itself to one of my favorite products EVER. As you can imagine, I lead a fairly busy life. I would love to be able to book in facials etc, but sadly there isn’t enough time in the day to lay down for an hour. I wish I was talking rubbish, but seriously. There just isnt enough time. Ever. After seeing the name of this product. I was intrigued.  Really? Can this product make all the difference? Really? Seriously? I have been now using it for a month, religiously every night and I am seeing results. Best thing is that so are other people. I have been getting comments on how my skin is looking..Always a great way to get into my good books.

Overnight facial RULES. Please do yourself and your skin a favor and order some. Sooner the better.

In short, Sarah Chapman’s products will most likely be found at my next “products I can’t live without”.  Really great quality products and not badly priced at all. Truly pleasantly surprised. I would strongly advice you all to look into the range.

LFW is now done, the shows and endless parties, too many smokes, too much booze and nowhere enough sleep, should have taken their toll, but I can be sure I dont look haggard thanks to my newest find.

You can also book yourself into a skin consultation and facial at the salon in Chelsea. I am frantically looking for a free hour to do just that.


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