NEWS! New Speakers & More Treats at #TLL6x6…

Our next event, #TLL6x6, is getting closer, and we are pleased to be able to confirm lots more details for those of you who already have your tickets – and those of you who are considering coming along!

First up – we have the most exciting news of all. The fantastic team at Chipotle have agreed to partner with TLL to bring you a real treat on the night….some sensational FREE Burritos! Along with the delicious, juicy wraps, they’ll also be bringing a heap of Tortilla chips and their incredible guacamole (to die for!) and salsa. The food will be available at the start of the night and there will be plenty, but of course it will be first come first serve so if you’re hungry, I recommend you head straight from work! (Doors open at 6.30pm)

Chipotle Burrito

Secondly, I wanted to update you on the “cast” for the night. Our fantastic speakers are all at the top of their game, ranging from Head of Social Media to MD. They’re an impressive bunch and will be covering a range of subjects relating to Online Marketing…useful for Bloggers, communications professionals and business owners.

Mel KirkHosting the event will be the beautiful and talented Mel Kirk, Managing Director of Tribal Media. If you’ve attended our events before, you’ll recognise Mel as she’s been a regular panelist…this lady knows her stuff!

Mel will be introducing our speakers and mediating our Q&A. I’m sure she won’t even mind if you throw her a question or two – she is the Queen of Blogger and Influencer Engagement!

Alex MyersThe panel includes Alex Myers – MD of Manifest Communications in London. Alex has also been a regular on our panels and is always an incredibly popular speaker. Alex and his team have created some of the most exciting campaigns in the UK over the last few years; including their impressive award-winning work for BrewDog, which has created headlines for many reasons!

He will be talking about disruption and creativity – helping your brand stand out in a competitive space – something he is VERY good at.

Molly FlattWe also have Molly Flatt, Word of Mouth Evangelist at 1000heads. Molly is a fantastic speakers and is extremely passionate about the power of Word of Mouth Marketing. Molly will be helping us find new ways to engage with our audiences and get them talking about your brand, without paying for content.

I love Molly’s style and always learn so much from her presentations, so I hope you do too!

Zak EdwardsNext, we have Zak Edwards, MD of Prezzybox. Zak is a new Speaker to our panel and I’m really excited about introducing him to you! Zak founded Prezzybox in 2000, before the days of Twitter and Facebook, but grew the company from a tiny business making a sale or two a week into a huge brand with over 70,000 visitors a day last Christmas(!), largely through original online marketing.

Zak will talk to us about growing your audience creatively on low budgets; it’s a fascinating case study I think we can all learn from.

James WhatleyJames Whatley, Head of Social Media at Ogilvy (Soho Square), is joining us to talk about Social Strategy. James has an incredible track record with creating original and extraordinary social campaigns for both small and large companies, and likes to push boundaries and think outside the box. James hasn’t spoken on our panel before but has hosted events in the past – and his energy on stage is infectious!

If you work in social media, he’ll inspire and motivate you and help everyone see there is so much more to social than a few scheduled tweets.

Andrew Grill CEO KredWe’re also thrilled to have Andrew Grill, CEO of Kred (our amazing sponsors) on the team.

Andrew is an internationally renowned thought leader in the field of digital and social media networks, and is CEO of Kred, the largest influence platform in the world. He is also passionate about explaining to large corporates how digital disruption will impact current thinking and strategy, with a focus on moving from social media to social business.

Andrew presents at international conferences on a regular basis, and maintains a well-read blog at about digital and social media trends. He firmly believes that in order to “get digital you need to be digital”.

chris-bishop-fashion-trafficFinally, we have Chris Bishop, Director of Fashion Traffic, with  “Your content distribution sucks!”. Chris will address the way in which brands, publishers and agencies send & receive content is stuck in the dark ages – and hopefully offer some fantastic new solutions!

Fashion Traffic, for those of you who don’t already know, is a digital media platform connecting premium publishers and brands across a number of areas including fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Fashion Traffic combines affiliate, display, mobile, search and social media all via the one platform.

We’re really lucky to have Chris on board. He’s pretty good at what he does…in fact…in December 2011 Chris was named in the VOGUE annual list as one of the 100 most influential people in fashion online. Amazing!

It’s clear to see how these speakers will be able to help anyone working in Digital PR, Online Marketing, Social Media and Business Owners – but if you are a Blogger, these speakers will also be of huge benefit to you. Learning how to grow your blog and build your audience is massively important to all of us – and these are the best people to help you do it! I have learnt so much from everyone involved already, and I would love for them to share that knowledge with all of you too.

I’ll update you with more information on sponsors, goody bags and raffle prizes soon…it’s all VERY exciting and we’re so grateful for everyone to helping this come together. The more we can raise for our chosen charity, Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital, the better.

If you don’t have your tickets yet, please do be quick as they are going quick!

Tickets are available here or by clicking the button below x

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