One for the Gents: A guide to the perfect outfit for an English summer of sports…

The age old question of “What on earth should I wear?” clearly doesn’t just apply to women, as menswear specialist Charles Tyrwhitt have designed the perfect solution for men asking the very same thing this summer.

They have come up with a rather nifty interactive map of all the best summer sporting occasions, and offered suggestions for the perfect attire for the gents in our lives too.

I absolutely LOVE this idea. It’s a brilliant marketing tool, but it’s also a really valuable one. For a woman who has always had to dress the men in her life, it’s nice to have someone else do the suggesting for once!

Check out the working version of the map by clicking the image below and then clicking on the coloured flags…

A Summer of British Sport by Charles Tyrwhitt – Click image to activate

Now, who’s going to be clever and come up with a multi-branded version for us ladies?!

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