Out4Marriage: Love is the same, straight or gay.

Anyone who knows me knows I stand strongly against homophobia. You could say I have many wonderful gay friends.

Or, you could just say I have many WONDERFUL friends. To me, it really doesn’t matter whether the people I care for love women, men or both. They feel what they feel, and I 100% respect their relationships. The thought that some people should be treated differently because of who they like to kiss infuriates me.

Live and let live, people.

So of course, TLLWTL is 100% behind the new collaborative social media campaign, Out4Marriage, which has been launched to support changing the law to allow gay couples to marry.

The idea is simple.

  • Record a video, ending with the words “Out4Marriage” or “that’s why I’m/we’re Out4Marriage. Are you?”
  • Upload it to YouTube.
  • Add the link to facebook, or email to
  • Spread the message that most people in Britain and indeed the Western world, are happy to “come Out4Marriage”.

The project was conceived by founder Benjamin Cohen and Mike Buonaiuto, the director of the Coalition for Equal Marriage viral video, and is ‘powered by’ the Coalition for Equal Marriage, and digital agency Remarkable.

We’re happy to support the cause, and would love to see the law changed, and people who love each other, regardless of gender, be able to marry and express their love.

For more information – please visit follow on Twitter or visit the facebook page.

Come #outformarriage x

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